Niall - the creator

Niall created and designed leVocab and he is the main man driving the operation.
He has been studying and teaching modern languages for over twenty years. He holds a degree in Japanese and has studied French, German, Italian and Irish.
He is a software engineer, a pilot & a SCUBA diver...and that's where Paraic comes in...
Paraic - the organiser

Paraic looks after the business side of the house. He minds the money, looks after the books, talks to our suppliers and makes sure Niall is driving us in the right direction.
Paraic is a sailor, a pilot & a SCUBA diver and that's how they met.
Philip - the socialite

Philip is our lead man in social media and in sales.
Philip has a long and successful history with a number of high-profile clients developing sales and marketing campaigns and coaching and mentoring with startups.
Yvonne - the enforcer

"She who must be obeyed": An actuary by training and with a background in corporate governance, Yvonne keeps an eye on the rest of the crew to make sure to keep the company on a solid footing. She is an avid SCUBA diver & sailor. (We're guessing you can see the links by now!)